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Website has become one of the most important part of developing company’s image. We’re creating business websites, e-business cards and e-shops. We’ll help you choose domain and hosting. We approach each project individually, ensuring its originality while remembering about esthetics and web usability rules.

Responsive Web Design

RWD is a new and fresh approach in creating and implementing websites. Services built with RWD in mind will automatically adjust to any screen – whether it’s accessed on mobile or computer. Thanks to RWD, you can always provide your users with comfortable and professionally looking website which, no matter what device they use to access it.

Mobile Websites

Anytime, anywhere – imagine that information about your company is available everywhere and can be accessed by simply visiting your website through smartphone or a tablet. Customers can contact you or look for important information no matter where they are. When creating mobile websites and services, we remember about usability rules and UX.

Internet applications

We create web applications such as web portals, announcement and auction sites, dedicated online shops. We develop extensive order management and accounting systems, content management systems, customer relationship systems or enterprise resource planning applications (systems to manage business, storage, production, sales, etc.).

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Mobile Trends Conference:

Mobile Trends Conference is the biggest conference about mobile technologies in Poland, aimed for business, marketers and developers. Over the course of three days, we’re presenting various lectures for different groups of listeners - Business Day, Inspiration Day and Development Day. The fifth edition of Mobile Trends Conference took place in February 2016. Apart from the main conference, we’ve organized two special editions of our conference – Mobile Trends for Marketers (May 2013) and Mobile Trends for Business (May 2014). Our biggest conference gathered over 850 participants. Next edition of Mobile Trends Conference will take place in March 2017. Mobile Trends is also a website about newest trends in mobile technologies. Each year, during Mobile Trends Awards a jury composed of experts from IT and mobile technology fields is giving out awards for the best mobile applications and services. Over 80 different companies received their awards during special gala organized each year with Mobile Trends Conference.

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